04/24/2015 14:29
I can honestly say I’ve never felt accepted at Wheelock. I know the class won’t care ‘cause I’m a “majority”, but I feel as though it’s an issue. I get written off as “racist” just because I’m White. None of you know me personally, yet my words don’t count. I care about everyone deeply and want to write the wrongs in the world. I’m always written off as a “rich” girl because of where I’m from. Truth be told I’m anything but rich and still let people label me because even if I fought for myself they wouldn’t care. I’ve had professors at Wheelock tell me “you won’t understand, you’re a rich White girl” and you can’t tell me that it’s not wrong. Nobody will ever care about what I have to say at this school because I’m not liberal. And don’t go “it’s a liberal arts school” because I came here for the education not the other stuff. I can honestly say my experience at Wheelock is completely negative and I question why I come here all the time. I deserve to have a voice whether I’m a minority or majority and here I feel choked every time I open my mouth. Think about that next time you judge.