04/24/2015 14:35
While I have had some positive experiences discussing diversity at Wheelock, the majority of them have been negative. I understand and appreciate that many minority groups deserve and need a greater voice and representation. However, it is unacceptable to disregard or invalidate the experiences of those kids who are not considered to be part of a minority group. Students are disrespected and laughed at for expressing viewpoints that are not in line with the views of the majority of Wheelock students. If we truly want to make progress toward a diverse, accepting community, we must strive to ensure that each individual within the community is valued. Tolerance does not necessitate approval. It is possible to respect and accept individuals while disagreeing with them, but far too often at Wheelock, this does not happen. Personally, I feel that people only appreciate and accept the parts of me that they consider convenient for their own agendas. No one should feel as though they are not valued as a person, simply because they have opinions that are different than the majority. This is not inspiring a world of good!