04/24/2015 14:32
As a White woman at Wheelock, I have felt various emotions regarding my identity and the identities of those around me. I try to stay involved in the community and learn about other cultures whenever possible—in this aspect, I feel that Wheelock does a great job offering different talks, etc. part of me feels as though Wheelock has to bring in guest speakers to have talks about race, in some respects. Taking challenging courses, I’m forced to think about acceptance through identity in many classes. I respect my professors when they provide their students with new and challenging information.
In my personal experience, I have felt like an outcast only when people assume my race (that I’m a Puerto Rican). When I’m hanging out with non-white friends and they assume that I am Puerto Rican, which I’m not, I feel taken aback—am I not good enough now because I am different? Besides that, which is a miniscule feeling I’ve had, I really don’t know the racial issues that are so prevalent here at Wheelock. I hope that this project opens my eyes up to others experience because I want to find out!
Personally, I feel as though Wheelock has a lot of resources that people can use, but many do not use them! I am a part of diverse activities and feel as though they’ve all helped me grow as a person. I feel as though most of my identities are accepted, but do not flourish—as a Catholic, I want to express my faith and connect with others, but reaching out is difficult. I accept other views, just wish everybody would keep an open mind.