04/26/2015 18:44

What is my Identity? 

May it be the skin I have on 

Or the color of this pen? 

Identity...it all starts with me.

 So, what am I? 

A creation?

 Or the creator? 

I have so many questions, but this Is what I definitely know.

 I am a male, Hispanic, commuter. 

I am expected to fail but I’m given 

The opportunities to achieve. 

I am a Christian, but I am misunderstood. 

Everyone thinks all I do is hate, but, in reality, I love people and hate pain. 

Everyone assumes I hate gay/lesbians, but that’s not true!!

 I can’t tell people I live different, because I’ll get rolling eyes. 

It’s hard to make friends when people hate you. 

I’m not my brother/sisters mistakes. 

I do exist even when people don’t want me to.