04/23/2015 19:13

Problems with Wheelock:

Extreme feminist- Everyone is entitled to their beliefs until their beliefs start to affect how they treat others. Wheelock has 88% females (roughly) and being of the 12% male population, I can feel the overwhelming expectations the students and staff place on the males here. Also being negatively noticed with no consideration of other aspects is a very common trend, it makes for an uncomfortable environment; so uncomfortable that in fact it is my main reason for my wanting to transfer.

Unrealistic expectations for males:

 I feel like being a male in any class taught by a teacher who openly admits to being a feminist (and clearly misinterprets the definition) is in fact affecting my grades and relationships with the staff. Also being a student athlete as a freshman (I am a freshman, not a first year), has made teachers seem to only apply more pressure and expect more from me when I clearly have less time, whether that also ties into being a male I have yet to determine but I know it is negatively affecting me.