04/23/2015 19:15

Predominately White College

Fuck the system!

I dream of a day where I can sit in a classroom and not represent a whole race where my passionate words are not mistaken for an angry black person.

            I don't want you to pity me.

            I want you to understand me.

            Understand my roots.

            Understand my culture.

            Understand me as an individual.

Day in and day out I am consumed by your white privilege

To create this falsely painted image

            Social worker,


            Child Life Specialist,


You claim to inspire,

But you have no desire to walk down the streets of Dorchester,

Consistently feeling endangered and out of place,

While students of color have one room to call their safe space.

You have been sheltered by the system that has been built by your own race.

Step back,

Lace up,

and walk through this institution in our shoes.