04/26/2015 18:47

 A lot of what I see on campus reflects ideas of cliques and groups. It is natural to be friends with people that are like you in many aspects. This can mean hanging out with people in the same program as you, or have the same interests as you. In these cases the cliques are more diverse. However, I see more groups that are made up with people of only one race. I am not saying this is a terrible,

but many people here feel pressured to only make friends with people of the same race. Personally, I do not feel much pressure or under represented. However, I know that these feelings exist amongst other groups, and it is not really a matter than can be changed with a policy. The change that comes from this encourages diversity, but many male students, commuter students, and minority students still feel the need to associate themselves with only people in the same group. It is simply up to us. We all come from different places, but many people need to realize we is that even though we are all unique, we are not so different that we cannot exist together as partners and friends.