04/28/2015 18:23
“I feel like I have lost a part of my identity while at Wheelock. I am very proud of the small town I am from, but when I have expressed that or showed pictures from my town or extracurriculars that I did at my school, people here make fun of them and mock me for it. I feel like I have lost this...


04/28/2015 18:23
“We advertise that we are such an accepting school but when it comes down to it, so many current students feel unaccepted. Wheelock should start to fix its own problems first before trying to accommodate and impress prospective students.”


04/28/2015 18:22
“I am a white female so I feel very accepted at Wheelock, where there are mostly white females.”


04/28/2015 18:22
“I identify as a white female and I feel like my identity is very represented at Wheelock. I am lucky to not feel discriminated or oppressed at Wheelock but I am sure others of a different race and identity don’t feel the same.”


04/26/2015 18:48
 Respect is something that everyone deserves. If someone identifies themselves with something you don’t, you should still respect them. Wheelock is very accepting of everyone’s differences and respects those differences. I have learned so many new things not only in the classrooms, but from...


04/26/2015 18:39
My personal experiences of self-identity here at Wheelock have been welcoming. There are so many outlets, on and off campus, to find ourselves through any means. My roommate ate I have different ethnicities and nationalities, but we welcome each other’s differences. Wheelock is so diverse, and I...


04/26/2015 18:37
 I grew up in El Paso, Texas, where everyone was alike; from Mexico and America. I moved to Austin, Texas when I was 13. I was more of a minority, but it didn’t really affect me. Now I live in Boston, and attend Wheelock. I feel like everyone here is white, middle class, and not street smart...


04/26/2015 18:25
Throughout my time at Wheelock, the continuously drilled theme is accepting others. When taking classes here, I felt that the community tries to make the minority or the gay/lesbian groups feel most comfortable on campus. Being white and straight, I feel overlooked, and that the campus has focused...


04/24/2015 15:09
“Coming in as a first year, I felt totally alone and unsupported.”


04/24/2015 15:01
"EQUALITY for all!"
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This section holds all the voices that spoke up about how they do or do not feel accepted on the Wheelock Campus. Each voice holds a different perspective on what they do or do not feel accepted about in the community at Wheelock, which many intersect with other categories.