04/24/2015 14:43
Personally, I don’t think we have any issue at Wheelock. However, sometimes I feel that I do not stand out because I am not a minority at this school. Wheelock is pretty diverse for a small school, but I think they could do a better job of reaching out to the individuals to make them feel they too...


04/24/2015 14:35
While I have had some positive experiences discussing diversity at Wheelock, the majority of them have been negative. I understand and appreciate that many minority groups deserve and need a greater voice and representation. However, it is unacceptable to disregard or invalidate the experiences...


04/24/2015 14:29
I can honestly say I’ve never felt accepted at Wheelock. I know the class won’t care ‘cause I’m a “majority”, but I feel as though it’s an issue. I get written off as “racist” just because I’m White. None of you know me personally, yet my words don’t count. I care about everyone deeply and want...


04/24/2015 14:27
As an incoming first year at Wheelock, I was excited to enter into a community that preached about its acceptance. I was firm in my identity and confident in who I was and I really believed that Wheelock would help me to promote that. This was not the case. While I do still wholeheartedly support...


04/23/2015 20:27
"We preach about being an accepting community yet I have never felt more unaccepted than my first semester here."


04/23/2015 20:25
"I feel that people attack others and shoot their thoughts down. Therefore, people like me don't like to speak up."


04/23/2015 20:25
"Starting to feel more comfortable as a Jew by co-founding Wheelock Hillel.”


04/23/2015 20:24
"The gays are accepted"


04/23/2015 20:21
Do not judge anyone. Think positive thoughts. Put yourself in someone else's shoes.


04/23/2015 19:44
We are all adults at Wheelock, trying to make the world a better place. We should not just tolerate diversity, we should embrace it. If Wheelock, a school who's mission involves breaking down these barriers cannot live up to their expectations, how do we expect to accomplish this in the rest of the...
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This section holds all the voices that spoke up about how they do or do not feel accepted on the Wheelock Campus. Each voice holds a different perspective on what they do or do not feel accepted about in the community at Wheelock, which many intersect with other categories.