04/23/2015 19:41
 I think Wheelock does a great job at making sure everyone’s voice is heard. There are tons of clubs for people to join that they feel is the right fit for them. Wheelock is very diverse and is open to all people no matter your ethnicity, class, or sexual orientation. Wheelock makes sure that...


04/23/2015 19:39
At Wheelock college, it’s a great place to be yourself and have your own identity. Friends and I have had discussions about religion, sexual orientation, etc. we are all open minded about each other’s opinions and thoughts. At Wheelock we’re able to express our own identity. We are all (well most...


04/23/2015 19:35
I think Wheelock is a place where there's a lot of diversity and some acceptance, but not as much as people think. There isn’t a lot of discussion or understanding of lots of different identities. I think there needs to be more of an open dialogue surrounding all issues related to diversity....


04/23/2015 19:34
When I first came to Wheelock it was a very big culture change. I came from a school where many people did not have a lot of money and it was a very small town. I came from a family where I worked, but money was never a problem for us. Coming to Wheelock and being in the city was very different...


04/23/2015 19:34
I think Wheelock does an incredible job showcasing the different parts of identity. I came from a private catholic high school and it was hard because we did not talk about any of this in fear of hurting someone’s feelings and causing “problems.” When I arrived at Wheelock I was very grateful...


04/23/2015 19:26
This has been a powerful year full of learning experiences. Identity was a topic since day one of my first year. I am a very accepting person, so I never realized how many issues there were. Different faculty members and students have had many conversations about identity, specifically race and...


04/23/2015 19:24
Coming to Boston was a culture shock of sorts. Coming from a town that was almost completely white, racial minorities were few and far in between in a really tiny town in the middle of Maine. No one wanted to talk about race, because for the majority of the white population, it wasn’t a thought...


04/23/2015 19:24
After coming to Wheelock, I feel more comfortable about talking about race. Before Wheelock, race was never a topic of discussion; it never came up. I’m kind of glad that we do talk about it though. I think with the type of school that we are, it is important that we talk about these issues.
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This section holds all the voices that spoke up about how they do or do not feel accepted on the Wheelock Campus. Each voice holds a different perspective on what they do or do not feel accepted about in the community at Wheelock, which many intersect with other categories.