04/28/2015 18:18
“I think my experiences as a commuter makes me feel invisible at the school."


04/24/2015 15:04
"We need more space for commuters and multi-cultural center."


04/24/2015 15:04
"I struggled with my 1st semester because I commuted without money!"


04/24/2015 15:04
"Athletics NEEDS to be commuter friendly!"


04/24/2015 15:04
"I struggled as a transfer student with feeling connected to the community."


04/24/2015 15:04
"As a transfer, first generation student, I don't have access to resources that could be valuable. I often feel like I have no idea what I'm doing and I feel disconnected everywhere I go. I'd like to see more groups or programs for us too!"


04/24/2015 15:03
"Only Bryan listens to commuters. WE NEED MORE LISTENERS"


04/24/2015 15:02
"Commuters matter!"


04/24/2015 14:26
I struggled as a commuting transfer student. My first semester was really difficult and I had a really hard time getting questions answered. The communication was really confusing and I had no idea what I was doing. On top of that I felt extremely disconnected from the entire school. I did not...


Commuters and Transfers

Here you will find the voices that were concerned with the issues revolving around being a transfer or commuter student, and how they feel the Wheelock College community/campus handles their situations and pressense at the college.