Gender/Sexual Orientation


04/26/2015 18:19
The hardest thing about Wheelock is being a male in a mostly female school.


04/26/2015 18:19
 I think one thing that is often overlooked at this school is being a male student. I feel as if everything I do is being watched or judged by the large population of girls, and for some kids that could determine their social standing here.


04/24/2015 15:05
"I think gender and sexuality are simplified by the community here."


04/24/2015 15:05
"I feel like Wheelock is too feminist."


04/24/2015 15:05
"Just because I'm a boy I still have to work hard and achieve."


04/24/2015 14:49
I feel that Wheelock favors men more than women because our male population is so small here. I have experienced instances where males have received higher grades, more praise, and better opportunities than me in an effort to keep the male demographic growing.


04/24/2015 14:47
Wheelock has made me look into feminism more and made me realize how grateful I am to be a woman.


04/24/2015 14:43
I’m uncomfortable around men. I don’t know I always have been. As a cisgendered lesbian, who parents are very feminine, my experiences with men are limited and typically awkward. I usually get questions or statements from men I don’t know stating that I don’t look gay or I’m too pretty to be gay....


04/23/2015 20:19
During the bridge program, we had a workshop on interpersonal relationships. People in the audience would watch people on the stage acting as a couple, and then talked about how they (the audience) felt (about the situation). A lot of it was focused on sexual assault, and the way people talked...


04/23/2015 20:10
"There is something wrong with that kid."  "What do you mean?"  "He seems fruity."  Nodding and looking away. Silence. Words, that should have been said. Saying that he has nothing wrong. The "something wrong" is in your head. It burns my throat to say something. Silence....
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Gender and Sexual Orientation

Here you will find the responses that focused on the issues on the Wheelock Campus that revolved around gender or sexual orientation.