04/24/2015 15:00
“I don’t feel included in the Wheelock Events on campus because of my ethnicity/race/religion. I don’t feel that we are as inclusive as we should be. We shouldn’t have religious/spiritual/ethnic activities or groups without encompassing everyone!”


04/24/2015 14:59
"Stop making EVERYTHING about race."


04/24/2015 14:59
"Wheelock has taught me so much about myself and others diversities. Unfortunately I have not felt welcomed to many events on campus due to my race and gender identity."


04/24/2015 14:59
“The most productive, healthy, and real conversation about diversity happens when students take the lead. We don’t have the right answers; We are creating the right answers.”


04/24/2015 14:58
"I wish that my friends of color at Wheelock felt more included, welcomed, and understood by the community."


04/24/2015 14:49
I usually have positive experiences when I am in a class at Wheelock, however when a topic about race or feminism comes up I feel a little intimidated to speak. I feel that we talk about the topic of race too often, but I have learned a lot I did not know before!


04/24/2015 14:44
Every time race comes up in any class I am in, it seems as though all the non “minority” students look at me.


04/24/2015 14:42
When I was coming to Wheelock I was assigned who would be my first roommate. After I met her she immediately said, “I’m so happy you're white.” Confused, I asked her what she meant and she said she couldn’t tell from my Facebook picture because of the lighting and assumed the spelling of of my name...


04/24/2015 14:37
An experience I had at Wheelock was with Eric Sullivan. It was a discussion we had last semester during an anthropology course I was taking. He allowed the class to take lead in the discussion and only chimed in when he felt the conversation was becoming off subject. You could tell he wanted to...


04/24/2015 14:37
I am an incredibly lucky person in many ways, and although I have felt misunderstood plenty of times, I have never felt discriminated against or misunderstood to the point of anxiety while on the Wheelock campus. This may partly be because I do not spend much time here, and it is most certainly...
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Race and Diversity

Here you will find the voices that primarily spoke about race and diversity on the Wheelock Campus. A lot of the voices brought up the same issues, however, there are countless remarks that are unique to each response that need to be taken into consideration.