04/24/2015 14:36
There is a glaring disconnect between what is known about racial relations and the manner in which we discuss race on campus. Ironically, the issues of race are already so disconnected, the many people do not know how to fuse the pieces of such vastly different experiences together in order to...


04/24/2015 14:34
I feel that I am constantly in competition with myself, trying to figure out my identity. The things I can’t change about myself seem to be more frustrating than others. I can’t change my race of the skin I was born into. Do I wish I were white at times? Yes. I feel very inferior here at Wheelock....


04/24/2015 14:32
As a White woman at Wheelock, I have felt various emotions regarding my identity and the identities of those around me. I try to stay involved in the community and learn about other cultures whenever possible—in this aspect, I feel that Wheelock does a great job offering different talks, etc....


04/24/2015 14:29
Wheelock College tends to blur the lines between color and race. When coming to Wheelock I was excited, hoping there would be a group or class to help further my knowledge/education on my own ethnical  background (as a Brazilian) and I was very disappointed that there is the issue of color....


04/23/2015 20:28
"Race is still an issue. It cannot be over-looked. We as a school need to talk about it."


04/23/2015 20:28
"I wish that my friends of color at Wheelock felt more included, welcomed, and understood by the community."


04/23/2015 20:27
"I am grateful for my experiences in the communications program because I feel that I have been able to discuss issues of racial diversity in an open and safe environment. I wish there were more spaces like this on campus."


04/23/2015 20:21
You Don't Know Me  A student once told me that I was only accepted to Wheelock for demographic  (race) standards. But that is not what defines me. My strength, my love, my dreams are who I am.  Blank stares and muffled whispers.  Paper hairs and iron...


04/23/2015 20:18
First day.  Identify your target.  Befriend the stranger.  Second day.  Pick one out by color.  Discriminate.  Hate.  Refuse to conversate.  Withdraw.


04/23/2015 20:09
No, I'm not Indian, I'm Latina.  My social class doesn't and shouldn't define me, or anyone.  
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Race and Diversity

Here you will find the voices that primarily spoke about race and diversity on the Wheelock Campus. A lot of the voices brought up the same issues, however, there are countless remarks that are unique to each response that need to be taken into consideration.