04/23/2015 19:11
I walk through the halls and yet I look like any “white” female on campus, yet I am not. I am half white and half Hispanic and there is no place for me. Some people assume I am 100% white even though I carry a Hispanic name. The moment I walk into a classroom and am called for attendance, the...


04/23/2015 19:10
Coming to Wheelock you already know that the school holds predominately whites and women. Knowing this, I don't get why the lack of diversity comes as a shock. I still reflect back to last years incident of Eric Maitland sending out emails offering pay to white students who encouraged colored...


04/23/2015 19:10
There is a difference between doing and saying. Wheelock says that they are all about diversity but what have they really done? I remember when Ferguson and Eric Garner cases were going on, they never really did anything until the student body said something and then Wheelock decided that we should...


04/23/2015 19:09
Wheelock has taught me about my white privilege. I still haven't found the courage I still find myself cowarding away from actively using it to help marginalized groups. I need to change; white men have to change. 
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Race and Diversity

Here you will find the voices that primarily spoke about race and diversity on the Wheelock Campus. A lot of the voices brought up the same issues, however, there are countless remarks that are unique to each response that need to be taken into consideration.