Religious/Political Views


04/26/2015 18:29
As identity goes at Wheelock, I feel that mine is very stifled. I am a girl with very conservative republican views, and am constantly having that be trashed by faculty, staff, as well as other students. You would think that a place that encourages identity would show respect for someone’s views...


04/26/2015 18:21
Not having a voice because of my beliefs. Not being heard from a Christian viewpoint.


04/26/2015 18:21
Problems with Wheelock: -Guys being favored because there is less  -Religion  -Negative experiences with not feeling comfortable to talk due to my beliefs.


04/24/2015 15:00
"I feel unsupported as a Christian."


04/23/2015 19:43
Here, you’re expected to think a certain way. I have the unpopular opinion, especially in liberal Massachusetts. I’ve lost part of my identity here too. I was once so proud for wanting to become an elementary teacher, but here, I’m a dime a dozen. My goals aren’t unique, and even pale in comparison...


04/23/2015 19:20
I feel discriminated against because I am white. I also feel that I am singled out for having money and being moderately attractive. This school caters to one type of person and makes it extremely difficult to fit in anywhere if you aren't that type of person. All my classes are biased towards...


04/23/2015 19:20
This school is fucked. I feel like I stand out for being a white female. My professors teach in a bias way that makes me feel like I cant form my own opinions. Also, I feel that I am being forced to believe in liberal opinions when that's not what college should be about. You guys tampering with my...


Political Views and Religious

This section has the responses that revolved primarily around the lack of respect on the Wheelock College campus regarding political and religious views.