04/28/2015 18:24
“A part of my identity that isn’t accepted at Wheelock is the fact that I am adopted.”


04/26/2015 18:46
 -Different cultures separated by groups.  -Misunderstanding and lack of trying to understand one another.  -International students stick together, but are they not entirely comfortable trying to befriend our non-international student body.  -Cliques, and judgment from them if...


04/26/2015 18:44
What is my Identity?  May it be the skin I have on  Or the color of this pen?  Identity...it all starts with me.  So, what am I?  A creation?  Or the creator?  I have so many questions, but this Is what I definitely know.  I am a male, Hispanic,...


04/26/2015 18:42
My chronic resting bitch face is how most people judge me. Not my skin. Or my weight. Just my face. My love for rap and R’n’B doesn’t make me black. I’m a white person with a love for R’n’B and rap Doesn’t make me hoodlum. I am who I am And I accept that.


04/26/2015 18:41
Judging someone based on identity is the same as discriminations before you take the opportunity to get to know them. Race, culture, sexual orientation, social class, and religion make us original, so we should all be seen as unique individuals.


04/26/2015 18:40
 Our identity is made up of many aspects. It is determined by race, ethnicity, class, education, gender, and many more things. By not acknowledging someone’s perspective is putting that person down, because you are degrading them and their life experiences and saying that their experiences are...


04/26/2015 18:39
 It is easier for me to think about and assess my identity when not in relation to Wheelock, because I’m not an on-campus student, and I’m a transfer. However in terms of politics, religion, and family structure, I get the feeling there would be a strain or tension if brought up. My feeling is...


04/26/2015 18:38
My roommate & I often talk about the fact that people handle situations differently based on what they have been through. Since I’m a bit sheltered and haven’t been through much, I handle situations in an understanding way. Others, however, are more guarded.


04/26/2015 18:37
Identity has not impacted me in a large way since I have been at Wheelock. Wheelock emphasizes the importance of identity, but is has not impacted me in a beneficial nor negative way. However, I do believe it is an important aspect to cover so people have a better understanding.


04/26/2015 18:37
 Personality: Having a positive attitude and open mind. Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions. Family structure: Not everyone was raised with both a mother and a father. Having both parents. one parent. or no parents influences one’s experiences throughout his or her lifetime.
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