04/24/2015 15:09
“One time in class we had a discussion on being culturally competent, however the teacher subjected 3 students to class ridicule. I felt terrible that I had said some things that were taken the wrong way and were culturally incompetent, but I didn’t feel safe expressing what I meant. I was glad to...


04/24/2015 15:08
“From a staff perspective: I’d like to see more discussion on the difficult topics. For example the case at BSU. It’s related to our mission. We should have an opinion.”


04/24/2015 15:02
"People who are adopted by a stepparent, are constantly told that we aren't actually adopted!"


04/24/2015 15:01
"Dear ignorant Non-Adopted person, Just because my family is white and I'm white... DOESN'T mean I'm not adopted! -I'm not lying."


04/24/2015 15:00
"Stop complaining about me expressing my own identity."


04/24/2015 14:52
 I often feel like I have to work harder than men on campus to achieve positions or recognition. There is a strong sentiment on campus of trying to fill a ‘male quota,’ make sure the men are comfortable, get more men to come to the school. Even though there are more women on campus than men,...


04/24/2015 14:30
The issue of race on the Wheelock campus is always swept under the rug. When I applied here they made it seem like Wheelock was the best school for diversity, but now I know that this is false. It’s almost like how Wheelock cleans up really nice, like raking the green when accepted students day...


04/23/2015 20:17
Words  Not knowing the ones  And being forced to provide one  Perpetuates confusion  And discomfort  If you're meant to include, why do I feel unsafe for lack of a better word?


04/23/2015 20:17
Choice Piece  Choose the words of another.  Everlong


04/23/2015 20:14
When I speak in class, people listen. This may seem positive, or the ideal situation, because who wants to be ignored? It's different when you are outnumbered. There is no other face in the crowd that looks like yours. I don't speak for my people! We can not be generalized.
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Here you will find voices that did not fit into any of the dominant subcateogories because they either intersected a lot of the themes, or they brought something entirely new to the discussion. Most of the abstract poetry pieces are found here, as well.