Cultural Competency: A different way of thinking broadly in respect to different races and ethnicities aside from your own, and being able to practice that behavior effectively cross cultural.


Diversity: All races and ethnicities are represented in a percentage in a an institution, organization, or place.


Majority: The majority is a large representation of one group of people opposed to a less represented group.


Meritocracy: A system in which one can get ahead based on something they posses compared to another individual.


Micro Aggression: Verbal and non-verbal insults that communicate hostility and/or derogatory messages to an marginalized group or individual.


Minority: A representation of a smaller group/ and or person that is less represented within a larger group.


Prejudice: Judgements made about an individual or a group based on preconceived ideas.


Privilege:Advantages that a person gains by their personal identity.


Race: A social construct that groups people together based on physical attributes.


Racism: A system of advantages based on race.


Stereotype: Characteristics, both positive and negative, that are placed on someone based on their identity.