04/23/2015 19:10

There is a difference between doing and saying. Wheelock says that they are all about diversity but what have they really done? I remember when Ferguson and Eric Garner cases were going on, they never really did anything until the student body said something and then Wheelock decided that we should do something.

Many students were having a die in but the school soon turned that into an event instead of a protest.

Even though I am not a person of color, there are sometimes that students in general here don't consider others. My club is one of them and they can talk many kinds of horrible things behind one's back.  The school wont do anything about it unless it is called to attention.

Wheelock needs to wake up more and realize that there are many problems with the student community. I truly believe the first realization of the problem was when the OL's received an email about getting money about recommending minority groups to apply for the positions. There is a difference between saying and doing and Wheelock is a community that stays true to this statement.