04/28/2015 18:21
“The conversations about white privilege is so ahh.”


04/28/2015 18:21
“Being African American I think that Wheelock talks about my race in terms of the slavery period and civil rights. But no one talks about how theres Queen and Kings in Africa. How there was and still is beauty in the mother land.”


04/26/2015 18:48
Something that needs to be addressed is the different race issues. I feel that people on campus are so used to being around people who they get along with, that getting to know others of different races isn’t in the preference. There’s a lot to learn about other people of different races. and if...


04/26/2015 18:38
Wheelock is a school based on diversity, but even though we have diversity on this campus, there is still a lot of white people on campus. So we are taught to the Majority, and we never really learn about the different cultures and racial identities on this campus.


04/26/2015 18:36
 I grew up with a unique cultural background; being mixed race, Cape Verdean and Italian. When I came to Wheelock, many people asked me what my nationality is. I was not used to this at first because back home, everyone knows and I never really had to explain or explore my cultural background....


04/26/2015 18:33
Being a Person of Hispanic Background:  -It’s obvious that Wheelock still struggles with “race.”  -It is not easy to branch out to other race, more specifically white. It’s like the conversation is there, but not the friendship.  -I notice people stay with people who identify...


04/26/2015 18:31
When I came to Wheelock, I was so excited to meet new people and adventure off into a new place. Where I come from, a small town in New Hampshire, the majority of people are white. I was in a comfortable area where everyone was the same. Before i went off to Wheelock, people would tell me to “get...


04/26/2015 18:30
 Race is brought up in every way possible here at Wheelock. Something is always a race issue. When you take the idea of race out, is there really an issue?


04/26/2015 18:29
Well, to be honest, I feel Wheelock promotes racism. In a twisted way, I feel like discussing the importance of race makes racism more prominent. Americans are Americans, and showing differences between races had made me become more racist. I never saw a difference between races until I came here....


04/26/2015 18:22
 My identity has been challenged here. I feel like more by the students than professors. In one of my classes, a student of color is very vocal and seems like she hates all white students, unless they think the same way as her. She has made me question if I’m a good person.
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Race and Diversity

Here you will find the voices that primarily spoke about race and diversity on the Wheelock Campus. A lot of the voices brought up the same issues, however, there are countless remarks that are unique to each response that need to be taken into consideration.