04/23/2015 19:26

This has been a powerful year full of learning experiences. Identity was a topic since day one of my first year. I am a very accepting person, so I never realized how many issues there were. Different faculty members and students have had many conversations about identity, specifically race and LGBT. I believe that there has been more conversations about race than LGBT on this campus. Reflecting on my life before coming to Wheelock, my hometown did not teach us to talk about identity. Identity was something we ignored because we are all “accepting” and did not want to mention race in fear of sounding racist. Wheelock has englitened me on the topic of race and identity. I learned that it is important to talk about race. People cannot ignore the color of someones skin because then you are ignoring their entire culture. My friends at different colleges do no understand this and are not taught this. Wheelock has truly opened my eyes to issues and has made me an ally for all.