04/26/2015 18:31

When I came to Wheelock, I was so excited to meet new people and adventure off into a new place. Where I come from, a small town in New Hampshire, the majority of people are white. I was in a comfortable area where everyone was the same. Before i went off to Wheelock, people would tell me to “get some culture” while I was there. The naive person I was, I didn’t really understand this. When I finally went off to Wheelock, I noticed the variety of races here. My first semester, I didn’t really pay too much attention to this. However, during my second semester, I went into what they call “culture shock.” While I was in my Racial and Cultural Identity class, I noticed how different each race was. Different races had to go through so much oppression to get to where they are. This made me feel bad, that I was white who had no issue. It made me feel like my life was given to me, and I don't like that. This year, Wheelock has really shown me the difference in race and how much it actually matters.